The Art of Photographing Small Spaces

Several months ago, Lauren approached me about photographing the Suite she and her husband live in just outside of Charlotte, NC. Their story is a sweet one and you can read more about it here. But after a few months she came up with this creative business idea to connect with other business owners and blog followers through re-doing their apartment and getting it featured on Glitter Guide. I was so excited to be a part of this because I have been a newly wed living in a small space for the last several years and know how  tricky it can be to  live and decorate in small spaces.  Prepare yourself to be VERY inspired by the talented Michaela Noelle Designs who is the creative designer behind all the pretty! You can find some amazing tips for decorating in small spaces on Glitter Guide and her blog today! 

 This space, while inspiring and beautiful was TINY and DARK! These are two tricky aspects of interior photography whether you are photographing the space itself or people in it. In either case I have a few tips for you that allowed me to capture these bright, clean images.

1. Always be prepared for the worst case scenario- You can't always rely on natural light to be available when showing up at in a clients home, especially one out of town that you can't walk through ahead of time. As a photographer it is your job to deliver outstanding images even if this is the case. Bring a tripod and an alternative lighting solution to have on hand just in case. For this shoot I brought daylight lamps & umbrellas to add soft and realistic light.

2. Buy or rent a wide angle lens - Almost all of the images form this shoot were taken on my Nikon 35mm 1.4. If I hadn't had that lens I would have been in trouble as the rooms were very small! There were even a few images where I stood in closets or even in another room of the suite. 

3. Move distracting Items out of the scene. Beautiful spaces tell amazing stories but in small spaces even a few items can appear overwhelming  so moving them aside will clean up the scene and be more pleasing to the eye. 

Hopefully these tips will be helpful to you next time you are in a small dark space! In the meantime enjoy this beautifully designed Suite by Michaela Noelle Designs! Also, be sure to check out Michaela's tips on how to decorate small spaces, and Lauren's tips for creative ways to grow your business