Shaughnessy Film Family Studio Session

I have another all film session to share today and its such a lovely one! Film continues to teach me so much about myself as an artist. There is just nothing like it. Film is a process and it brings the art and magic back to photography in so many ways for me. It requires so much patience and slowing down. Learning to be 'Intentional' has been a big part of this year in my life. It has been one of those gritty processes that brings lots of growth. In a day and age when we don't really need to wait for much it feels sort of strange to finish a session, package film up, send it away and then just wait. There is nothing left for me to do, no instant gratification but also no pressure to do anything. It is kind of wonderful! Eventually I get an email that my scans are ready and I can start the process of getting them to clients. Slow is feeling very right these days and I'm so so happy with these images! 

This session was shot at the For Love of Love Studio on my Pentax 645N using HP5, Portra400 & Fuji400H developed and scanned by The Find Lab

Heidenthal Film Family Session

I've been photographing with analog cameras for a couple years but 2017 has been the year that I finally tip the scales in favor of shooting film to digital at sessions. Film has a depth, a richness and an authenticity that digital simply cannot replicate. It makes me slow down during sessions and really inspires me creatively and it requires ZERO post processing other than sending it to a lab for developing and scanning - so I thought it only natural to make the transition this year when my time is more limited than ever. If you've followed me from the beginning of my business then you've seen the transition from families, to weddings, products, back to family lifestyle and newborns. Refining is something I hope that I always do as an artist, but this year in particular I've reduced my work down to only shooting newborn and family lifestyle sessions. One of the best things I did from the beginning of my career was not listen to the "find a niche" preachers and kept shooting everything (even if I didn't always blog or share it on social media). I've really been able to grow in all directions and skills with each different genre of photography and it was thrilling and defining for me. But there are seasons for everything, including businesses and for this one I can confidently leap into this limited offerings season where I just simply don't have time to do it all. 

So I am excited to share a 100% fully film session and some of my favorites from it! We shot these in the For Love of Love Studio and what a DREAM Lauren's place is. I love that there is an option in Richmond for photographers and families to shoot that is so classically simple. Tiffany is one of my dearest friends in Richmond and we've had the privilege of growing babies in our bellies at the same time and watch them grow up this year - it is truly special to have a friend to walk through the same life circumstances with - I'm so grateful for her! And that Willow is one of the cutest and most photogenic babies. Just look at that sweetness!! 

As cliche as it sounds film has stolen my heart and though I used to swear I'd never make the leap because of the cost, things that are worthwhile always come at some kind of cost. Something I'm learning everyday as a parent. Time with my family is everything and film allows me to have that time back, which I believe is priceless! Besides the downside of cost, it doesn't seem to have any others - it has just the perfect warmth and depth that I believe parenthood emulates and that is something I always want to capture in my work. Enjoy my favorites of this precious and beautiful family!

Images shot on Pentax 645N, Kodak Portra400, Fuji400H & HP5

Irwin At-Home Newborn Lifestyle Session

My goal is typically to narrow posts down to my top 10 - but that never seems to happen, or work when there are so many favorites. This session was special for many reasons, but probably my number one reason was that though Joe is stationed abroad and won’t be home for good until later this year he was able to be here for the first two weeks of Quinn’s life. To be able to capture their time as a new family of four, with their daddy home, brings me near to tears. Such an honor! Besides that, the warmth, tenderness and love that radiates from these images is a close second. I love the way the film captured the depth of emotion during this newborn session. 

Film Developed by The Find Lab; Fuji400h shot on a Nikon F100 & Pentax45N