It's that time of year!

I love this time of year! Especially because decorating is essential, and boy do I love to Decorations 40

decorate (and rearrange...)! Friday we decided to get our Christmas tree. We chose to get a real one, and found the best prices in town at this little garden walmart. We picked out our tree and paid for it, following the directions on the sign to wait to have someone help us. Well, we waited...and waited...and waited...and finally I just drove my car around and  Frank loaded it (smashed) it into the back. We laughed all the way home at how funny it is that we had this sappy pine tree inside our car. Then we got to our house and Frank turns to me and says, "What should we do with the tree before we put it inside?". We found that even funnier. What a humorous tradition: Go pick out a sappy dirty tree that sheds more than any animal. Put said tree in(on) your car and then inside your house. Decorate it, put presents under it...and then when it dies or sheds all the needles, toss it. 

After putting it in the house and setting it up, we finished decorating and vacuuming needles and branches Lexi tore off of it. She was so fascinated with the tree, staring at it for a very long time and then tried eating various ornaments. All that to say - I also just got a new camera!!! I'm IN LOVE with it! So I decided to practice getting used to it this weekend by taking pictures of some of the decor we put up. (And of course Lexi).

Oh yea, and we made the most AMAZING hot chocolate. Crush a candy cane and fill the mug with that and water (or milk i suppose), heat in the microwave and then add the hot chocolate packet. Stir with a Candy cane and add whipped cream. Garnish with any leftover crushed candy cane. ITS SO GOOD. I'm about to go make some more!

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