Alex+Emily | Engaged

Today I am EXTRA excited because not only do I get to post this session but my sister is coming to visit me while the hubs is away! Fresh salsa, fake eyelashes, mint mojitos...I'm so excited! Anywho... I have had the hardest time narrowing this session down to a blog post, because there were SO many cute ones! Alex + Emily are so much fun with each other. I met them through Eric and Alison when they came along to shoot their "expecting" announcements. I am SO glad they were there that day because I have really enjoyed getting to know them! The day we did their session was one of the sunny days in between days and days of rain and I'm very glad the weather was beautiful and we could take a break from the floods. I am so tired of grey rainy skies! Emily + Alex I so enjoyed my time with you, I hope you enjoy some of my favorites! :) A+E_0001A+E_0003A+E_0004

Love this one!!A+E_0002A+E_0005A+E_0006A+E_0009

You guys are too cute!A+E_0007 A+E_0008 A+E_0025A+E_0011A+E_0023A+E_0022A+E_0020

Definitely a favorite!A+E_0019A+E_0018A+E_0017A+E_0016A+E_0014

Emily you have the most STUNNING eyes!! A+E_0013


Bling! Bling! Check out that ring!A+E_0033

(ah! the eyes! and the colors! this light was AWESOME.)A+E_0032 A+E_0031 A+E_0030 A+E_0029 A+E_0028 A+E_0027 A+E_0026A+E_0038 A+E_0037 A+E_0036

I love this sequence!A+E_0035A+E_0039  A+E_0043A+E_0042A+E_0041A+E_0045A+E_0040

Yay! I love fields :). A+E_0044   

I can't wait till next summer!!