Alex + Emily

Sloss_0024.jpg It is so much fun to take a {special} moment in time and freeze it for people to remember forever. One of my favorite things in our house are our wedding and engagement pictures. And they are everywhere! We have a whole WALL in our living room with pictures of us...kind of weird probably...but I love looking at them and remembering that season that wasn't too long ago. Being married is WAY better than being engaged but it was a right of passage(so people told us) and it was sweet and special in its own way. So I am glad we have pictures to remind us!

When we were doing the pregnancy announcements for Eric and Alison, they brought their really fun friends Alex & Emily along. Somewhere during the shoot I realized they were ENGAGED! They were SO kind to let me take a couple pictures to commemorate this special time! So, I'm very excited to share these and a few random others from a store we popped into afterwards :). They were so great in front of the camera, you would never know that this took like 2 minutes! So glad there is more to come!


Sloss_0025.jpg Sloss_0026.jpg Sloss_0027.jpg Sloss_0028.jpg Sloss_0030.jpgSloss_0029.jpg

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