What Inspires Me

When we were seniors in college, I had a serious case of the winter blues and this is when my husband realized I was like a sunflower. I LOVE the sun, and I NEED the sun. He started to recognize that my mood often depended on the state of the sun, whether it was behind clouds, raining, shining etc...Thankfully my dependency on the sun has improved a lot since college. Anyhow I also happened to love sunflowers so he started to send me pictures of them, secretly setting them as my desktop background, emailing me videos of them. You know, incredibly thoughtful things like that. By far, the greatest thing he sent me was this video! It is HILARIOUS! We have been singing it to each other for 3 years now. Whenever we see the sun...or have a "cloudy" day...singing it always makes things better. So...as spring is arriving I'v been singing it, "Sun, sun, sun we love the suuuun"! I dare you to try not to sing along with it! So yea...(awesome transition) I was looking through pictures on the iPad and found some really funny ones which made me change my "inspiration" for this week from the sun...to sun and laughter! Don't you just love to laugh? Laughing makes everything better. I love to find reasons to laugh...and a good place to start is with pictures...so for today I'm spreading some joy. Have a good laugh! This is Frank, making fun with my reflector...jokes on him! I got a picture of it! HA


There is nothing funnier than a dog trying to stand on a chair!


......and these just speak for themselves!! (sorry for the low quality...)


Oh my! What if she actually looked like this??? I'd still love her.


Look how ridiculous I look! And Frank is peeing himself I think...


Ha! 20130312-225414.jpg

And the title of this picture is: "what mess?" 20130312-225437.jpg