What Inspires Me

AndreaPescePhoto.com_01I have been working on organizing...for 9 MONTHS. I know that sounds like a long time, but I'm pretty sure that my mom has been organizing for longer than 25 years. :) Somehow, things can always be improved, altered, rearranged...right mom? haha you catch my drift! You see, when I was in college I tried my best to stay organized, but it usually only lasted for a semester. By the end of the semester/year everything got packed up, dragged home and then back to school again. Considering I transferred schools 3 times and moved a total of 6 times from starting college to before we got married...lets just say I needed to do some organizing! (and so did Frank!) He is a "piles" person - we know this because we did personality evaluations during pre-marital counseling that word for word said he "has lots and lots of piles but knows exactly what is in each of them".  So organizing and cleaning out was VITAL after we started to settle into marriage. I tell you all this because...as ridiculously sad as it is I am JUST now getting to finishing editing all our HONEYMOON pictures! Part of the why there is such a delay was that when I switched over to Lightroom, all the editing I had previously done in my other software did not transfer with the switch. Huge BUMMER.

As I mention in the About Andrea section - My Husband designed our honeymoon around PICTURES. Is he fantastic or what?? These images are so special and I will treasure them forever. So to help motivate me to COMPLETELY finish editing them, I am going to post my favorites along the way. We went to Central/Northern California and hit San Francisco, Muir Woods, Coastal Highway 1, Hearst Castle, Paso Robles, Yosemite, Sacramento, Davis and then BACK to San Francisco. WHEW! It was AWESOME!

Believe it or not, this all has to do with the TITLE of this post. I'm going to start a series about what I find inspirational! The idea behind it is to both BE inspired, SHARE what inspires me, and maybe learn what inspires others along the way!

I'll probably dive more into this later, but crafting does so much for me. I'm definitely more of a creative thinker than logical so if I go too long without doing something crafty and creative I die a little inside. True story. So I got to craft {a tiny bit} today - prepping to send pictures out (picture above)!!

And of course...just waiting for Spring, because beautiful weather is SO inspiring! All of these pictures inspire me. California is beautiful, and I couldn't take enough pictures. Sometimes I would get frustrated, because I was working with a limited camera and lens, that I felt like I couldn't do the beauty justice. BUT it was a really awesome challenge to use what I had and try to take great pictures! I love them even more because of it!

Here starts our honeymoon adventure! I heard a speaker say that he and his wife have a policy, "If its going to be funny later, its funny now!". I LOVE that! We definitely try to live by that principle, and I think we can include some things from our wedding/honeymoon in that category. We actually flew our first leg of our honeymoon WITH the Best Man! It was TOTALLY by coincidence. It wasn't until a few hours before we headed to the airport that we found out he was on the same flight. We rolled with it and had a lot of fun! As they were getting off - and we were staying on the plane for the second leg - they told the flight attendants we were on our honeymoon. As they were making their landing announcements, they announced we had been married less than 24 hours and our SEAT NUMBERS! Everyone was so nice and congratulated us on their way out, and even gave us some champagne!

Cheers to the start of What Inspires Me ~ Wednesdays! May you enjoy some of my inspiration!

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