This just in!!

Oh heck yea! I'm so psyched about this. This is breaking news people!! When you search "andrea pesce" on Google....I make the first page!! SEE!! Okay, so like way back when I first started this blog, it was on the LAST page. Yea, I'm not kidding you! I consider this a big milestone in my photography career and thought it was breaking news worthy!Search Engine WIN In other news... We have been traveling a lot lately and I haven't gotten a chance to blog about it yet! I am SO excited to also announce that I will be interning with Jessica Mae Photography (link to her blog the day she introduced me)!!! She is an AMAZING wedding photographer based in Lynchburg, and I simply CANNOT wait to kick start the wedding season this weekend. I feel so blessed by this opportunity to grow and learn from such a sweet, talented photographer! Sometimes you just instantly make a connection with someone like they are old friends. This was definitely the case when I met Jessica! I know that this summer is going to be amazing!

Because a post simply isn't as fun without pictures...Here are some pictures that we took this time LAST year. Look how green the grass is...I don't know about you, but our grass is still very brown! I can't wait for the pretty weather to stick around.

Spring Spring-2 Spring-3