the big debut + a family session

I love productive weekends! This weekend I started, AND finished our Christmas stockings. 2013-02-22_0031

They turned out pretty sweet. I'll show pictures of them soon. Anyhow! Hellooo! (mom!) haha just kidding... I have been sssooo nervous about publishing this blog, but I knew if I didn't just do it soon I might wimp out. And so here we are. Thanks to Francis (my husband...aka Frank), who has been the most encouraging person of all time. Its definitely awesome to know I will at least have 1 person following my blog...

There are so many amazing photographers out there now, it makes it all the more scary to start letting people see my own work. I personally follow several blogs of photographers at all different stages of their businesses and I used to think it didn't look too hard. But now that I'm in the hot seat...I have learned somethings.

This month Frank and I will be celebrating six months of marriage!!...and what an adventure it has already been! I cannot WAIT for all that lies ahead of us. The fun thing about this post is that I get to share pictures of the (now family of 4) couple we went on our first "official" date with. They have been such a huge encouragement to us, and wonderful friends. I was so excited that I got to capture an evening with them. Brad + Laura, thanks for letting us be a part of your lives! Your family is such a gift to us.

Okay, okay I have to go, but  thanks for stopping by!!

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