The Jeffcoat Family | On the Water

They've been sailing as a family for years and spend countless evenings and weekends on the water together. I was so thrilled to be able to join them on one of their outings for a family session and gracious! I can't get enough of these film images! Its so inspiring to watch a husband and wife in their element as a team like this. They were amazing together - always anticipating the other and on the ready for what the other would need next. Truly the picture of teamwork in marriage! The evening couldn't have been more perfect for an October day. Though on the warm side, I was informed that meant less wind and calmer waters than typical for this time of year - which definitely made it great for photos! 

Camera - Pentax 645N, Nikon F100

Film - Fuji400h

Lab - The Find Lab

Shaughnessy Film Family Studio Session

I have another all film session to share today and its such a lovely one! Film continues to teach me so much about myself as an artist. There is just nothing like it. Film is a process and it brings the art and magic back to photography in so many ways for me. It requires so much patience and slowing down. Learning to be 'Intentional' has been a big part of this year in my life. It has been one of those gritty processes that brings lots of growth. In a day and age when we don't really need to wait for much it feels sort of strange to finish a session, package film up, send it away and then just wait. There is nothing left for me to do, no instant gratification but also no pressure to do anything. It is kind of wonderful! Eventually I get an email that my scans are ready and I can start the process of getting them to clients. Slow is feeling very right these days and I'm so so happy with these images! 

This session was shot at the For Love of Love Studio on my Pentax 645N using HP5, Portra400 & Fuji400H developed and scanned by The Find Lab