Sincerely Amy Designs

Working with Amy was a dream come true in every way possible. Honestly, in many ways I feel like the launch of her brand is just as exciting as launching my own! The heart behind her business says it all in the name she chose: "Sincerely Amy Designs". She wanted her clients to know the sincerity of her heart for them, that the details of their lives matter and the level of effort that she puts into each project goes far beyond beautiful calligraphy. Hiring Amy is not just hiring an excellent calligrapher, you are hiring someone to pour their everything into your wedding or custom project. Her business has exploded before she ever even officially launched a website and clients continue to come back to her for this, for her warmth and her ability to bring your vision to life.

In addition to creating custom styled portraits for Amy, I was able to work closely alongside my dear and talented friend Lauren of Elle & Company to create her product images which I will be sharing in another upcoming post. Because Amy trusted us to bring her brand to life,  it is so uniquely her and something unlike anyone else has and that people are going to LOVE. I cannot wait to see how she incorporates the images in her branding and business! 

You can read more about and see some of the details of Amy's design process on Elle & Company's blog here. Then head on over to Amy's new site to enter her amazing giveaway and see all of beautiful details on her new site!!