She is definitely your "dogter"

It happened late Monday evening - you see I had forgotten to start the crock pot meal and didn't realize it until Frank was on his way home. (I'm still learning the power of well placed sticky notes) Naturally we decided to order Pizza since its cheap and would remain untraceable on our bank statement that I would later have to balance, and realize once again that the "problem" with our "budget" is, of course, yours truly. We picked up the pizza. We ate it. Savoring the easy, no-effort-ness of it. Happy and satisfied we broke ranks and went about or evening rituals, showering, emails, etc. The Banana (sometimes known as Lexi) had a case of the "nothing makes me happy's" that day and so I had closed the office door for peace and silence while I worked away on the computer. But the house was oddly quiet. Then suddenly the silence was broken by Frank yelling "LEXI!!!" followed by the door opening and him saying resolutely "She is definitely YOUR dogter!!" (a new word he cleverly thought of) I sat, confused. He then lifted his hand up to bring to my attention the reason for such pleasant silence in the house. The two remaining pieces of pizza that had somehow been left unattended and had ONLY the bare bones of the crust left! The only thing I could think to say was, "well the crust IS just filler!" but seriously...HOW did she do that?

Naturally, I quickly grabbed my camera to document the crime scene. (notice the trail of shredded paper towels in the hallway. Andrea Pesce Photography_0004Unashamedly happy...Andrea Pesce Photography_0005