Alexa Ann Portraits | Richmond Portrait Photographer

I’m slowly catching up on blogging sessions from the last 6 months and I am particularly excited to share these portraits. This winter when I was in the throws of morning sickness and could barely get off the couch some days, I decided it was time to hire on some part-time help to get me through the spring to catch up. Just as I was considering this I got an email from a VCU senior looking for second shooting opportunities. I was SO impressed with the professionalism of her email, the way she inquired and the quality of her portfolio and resume that I thought to myself - I have to meet this young lady and if she is as amazing in person as in this email. And if so,  then I HAVE to bring her on board. Sure enough we met at Panera and she was every bit as sweet, kind and professional as her email and I knew I had to have this girl on my team. 

Isn’t God so good? He brought to my doorstep exactly what I needed before I even had to ask or put in energy that I didn’t have in that season to find someone! Well, Lexi came on board a few weeks later as a part time assistant/intern and was the most valuable asset to my business this spring! She tinkered away behind the scenes accomplishing things that had been on my long term to-do list for ages and assisted me at a few sessions.  Since she was a senior so close to graduating and about to launch full time into her own Wedding Photography (Brides, she is fantastic.) business I knew it wouldn’t last forever, but I soaked up every moment that she was still a student and grew to have a sweet friend in the process! 

One of the things that was so pivotal in the beginning for my success as a photographer and small business owner was an internship opportunity another amazing photographer and dear friend, Jessica Mae Photography gave me. Internship / Apprenticeship is such an age old concept but it has SO much value and I think everyone should try to find an opportunity like this. If you are in that stage, talk to Lexi and have her give you pointers on how to compose the perfect email. ;-) 

Although Lexi has officially flown from the Andrea Pesce Photography nest and into her own full fledged business (I feel like such a proud mama bird! haha) I still wanted to introduce you to her and give you a peek behind the scenes of my business this year! It has been a great year with a lot of growth and a lot of changes that will continue to slowly unfold as the timing is right. Slow growth is becoming my favorite kind of growth because as Lara Casey said so well in this post - it allows deep roots to be planted, creating an unshakeable foundation.

Lexi, may your business boom and take you to amazing unthinkable heights. You are beautiful inside and out, and your current and future clients are so lucky to be in front of your lens! Cheers to deep roots my friend!