Lovely Succulents

Succulent Garden-4 I am SO excited!!! Spring so far has NOT disappointed. Well besides the weather that has been colder than most of the winter...but even despite that I am really excited for what this season and the year holds!

Ever since we honeymooned in California I have been dying to have a succulent garden. And yesterday I got one!! Okay, I manage to kill everything that requires watering. (This included hamsters and mice when I was a kid.) I consider it a major accomplishment that Lexi is still alive and healthy! =) about six months ago, Frank gave me a beautiful house plant with the intention that it required little maintenance. It's currently down to 4 dying leaves... BUT with succulents, they THRIVE in droughts!!! Now that is MY kind of plant!! And they are so beautiful!! How awesome is it that this pot is a pig?! Here is my new lovely succulent garden!

Succulent Garden-8 Succulent Garden-6 Succulent Garden-5 Succulent Garden-3