Laura Kathryn Creative | Belong Magazine Styled Images

It is quite simply my favorite thing to create images that champion other business's work and brands. Laura Kathryn is a talented print + editorial designer whose work is stunning and showcased perfectly in Belong Magazine's design - so you can imagine how delighted I was to be able to work with her on these images! Her designs and branding were so inspiring that right away I knew exactly what I wanted to showcase in these images. Clean, modern and bright styling while especially showcasing her acute attention to detail was my goal. I'm delighted with the results!  

Laura wanted several images that showcased the designs she creates in Belong Magazine's spreads. I wanted the viewer to feel like they were almost a part of the designing experience for these. 

One aspect that sets me apart from other styled and stock image photographers is that I work with items straight off of a client's own desk in addition to sourcing props . This helps it feel like a one of a kind, exclusively Laura Kathryn branded image! Authenticity is, after all, key in a strong brand. 

This magazine is amazing, friends! I love that behind this beautiful cover is page after page of inspiration for women who want to celebrate community within the blogging, social media and entrepeneurial world. 

Finally we created a stock image to showcase some of her branding clients custom logo's she created and this image was definitely a personal favorite! It is so bright, clean and I just love all the black and white lines at play with the balance of greenery on either side of the image. 

Lastly, I always love to see how clients end up using the images in their portflio and online presence! 

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And there you have it - another set of inspiring custom styled images!