Launch Day!

It sat on my dresser every day, a portrait of Francis and me from our wedding. But that day, that one time I walked by it I saw it in a completely new way. I realized that I had no real connection with it. It was a beautiful photo, and I liked the way we looked in it, AND of course that it was a picture of me and my husband from our wedding day but that was all there was to it. So I decided to go back and look through our wedding images and began to see them in a whole new way. The moments when my mom and sister were helping me tie my dress up had me remembering just how nervous I felt. The one of me hugging my dad in excitement after the ceremony brought me back to how excited he was and the tears we both choked back(or tried) all morning. My sister, brother and I dancing at the reception and our candid laughter during toasts...I could go on, but what I realized as I looked through them was that the richness those photos contained was so much more than any beautifully posed portrait could ever hold. 


That is when I started to realize that documenting a wedding day honestly and beautifully was the most precious form of art one can create. Pinterest poses will come and go, trends are just that, trends and yet on the other hand, how you feel on your wedding day will always and forever stand the test of time. Over time I have come to find my passion for this and how I see things gives me a unique style, transitioning from portraits being the creative gas that drove me to the real, emotional and small in between moments being my inspiration. Not to fully discard portraits but a realization that as a photographer, I believe it is my job to create beautiful images out of real moments, not just for you but for the generations to follow. You can't be omni-present on your wedding day and most of it will probably be a blur, but when you look back on your photos you will begin to remember again. And being able to remember it is a sweet gift. This is why I love wedding photography and why I believe it is important to document the day honestly. 

So this is why. This is the reason it was time for change and why I want this business and the photos I take to be authentic. As you take a look around, you will see that things are simple in an effort to not distract you from the moments and the stories that are being told. I love that each couple I work with is unique in their interactions and each one has an original story! Most of all I am so excited and honored that I am able to tell share them through photos.   

Naturally my passion for authentic and artistic images greatly influenced every element of this re-brand and I just so love it! There are some pretty spectacular people that have helped to make this all come about and I can't sing their praises loud enough. Chelsea with Oh My Deer Handmades is the beautiful artist behind the amazing Logo at the top of the sight. I'm so glad that I stumbled across her work and had this chance to work with her! Lauren, is the creative genius behind the site design and every other little and big beautiful detail you see and why it is all one cohesive beautiful entity. I am so thankful to have had her once again pull everything together and most of all for the long hours and many many conversations that led us to today! Friend, you are a priceless gem. 

Lastly, to my husband, second shooter, late night support system, copy editor, and energizer bunny, thank you for being such an incredible friend, for all of the encouragement, wisdom and patience that you constantly share with me and so so much more. I couldn't do this without you Francis.

There are a few more exciting things up my sleeve to share in the next few months but for now I would love to know what you think of the site and everything else! A fun new feature to the About page is a pronunciation guide to my last name. :) I have heard some funny way so say it, but how did you assume it was said?