A Barren Ridge Vineyards Wedding

When I started sharing with Frank that I had a desire in my heart to do Photography full time I had no idea HOW to make it happen or WHAT it would look like. After our own wedding I had begun to gravitate to all things related to wedding photography and I couldn't get enough of it. It became an obsession! I started following wedding photographers blogs and lives and felt somehow that was what I was supposed to be doing. I felt like wedding photography was MADE for me! I have wanted to do and be a lot of things in my life, but this was different. When I started becoming bolder in my photography and saying yes to people's requests for portrait sessions, it was like that moment when you put your wedding dress on and you just KNOW. So there I was falling in love with it, but then there were the HOW's. How to start, how to get experience, how to overcome a million obstacles and all my fears?!

A few months after we moved to Roanoke, I picked up a part-time corporate job that paid the bills. Not my passion, and not what I wanted to do with my life, but it was a blessing for that season. So, as time went on and my obsession for wedding photography was growing, people would ask me "would you do weddings?" and I would politely say, "I don't think so" and inside I would both cringe at those words and accept them out of fear. I continued to take all the opportunities that came along and just prayed for direction. Then one day at work I was checking Facebook (it was a slow day...don't judge) and a favorite wedding photographer of mine posted an announcement about having an intern for the summer. I'm pretty sure I said something or made some excited sound out loud! So I told Frank about it and being the most supporting husband ever he reminded me every day to apply until I did. :)

Well, let me just say that I had NO idea what to expect for the interview - but it was AWESOME! Immediately we just clicked and had SO much in common! I don't normally EVER like interviews - but this was so personable and fun that I really felt like I was getting to talk to an old friend. Gah! Now I wanted it more than ever! So we kept praying, trusting and waiting, and sure enough, Jessica of Jessica Mae Photography hired me to be her intern!! What a fun journey this has been, and I feel so blessed to have gained such a sweet friend who is so knowledgeable and encouraging! It took a really long time for it to feel REAL that this was all happening! Blessed does not even begin to describe how I feel!

Since this is a huge part of my journey I wanted to start sharing it! I have learned and continue to learn so much, and fall even more in love with what I get to do (almost) every weekend! Thank you Jessica for being such an amazing teacher and friend, and thank you to all of the JMP bride's for letting me be a part of your wedding day. I am SO honored! All of these images I did while second shooting/interning with Jessica Mae Photography - and let me just say this wedding was SO beautiful with tons of fun details! Nick + Lindsey did an amazing job putting their day together and were so sweet and especially calm with the weather forecast of the day! I love to see how each couple embraces the excitement of their wedding day! I am so excited to begin sharing some of the crucial things I have learned by being both a Bride and now a Photographer that can really make a difference on your wedding day! :) So stay tuned for more and enjoy some of my favorites from their day... Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-2 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-4 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-5 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-13 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-16 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-18 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-19 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-25 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-26 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-29 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-32

I love first looks!!Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-38 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-40 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-41Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-43 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-46

A favorite from the day!! Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-47 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-48 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-51 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-54 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-56 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-58 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-60 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-63 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-66 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-72 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-74 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-75 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-79 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-82 Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-83

Vineyards are so beautiful!!Virginia_Vineyard_Wedding-87