Got Water?

Droplets-44 My husband has been asking me for 24 hrs now if these photos were going to "make the blog".

He is so proud of them! And rightly so...they were his idea and HE was the one that had to help me get out of my head for once to just TRY it. (usually i'm the one that has to start things...unless we are talking about laundry) We had been talking about doing these for a while, and it was SO COOL to see how they turned out!!! Anyways, I hope that his inspires you to TRY something you don't think you can do. What can it hurt?

Droplets-43 Droplets-42 Droplets-14 Droplets-17 Droplets-26 Droplets-33 Droplets-41 Droplets-11 Droplets-9 Droplets-6 Droplets-5