David+Chelsea | Engaged!

I am beyond excited to share this session! To say that David + Chelsea are amazing is an understatement. They were naturals in front of the camera! Like Frank and I  they started dating, fell in love and got engaged in Blacksburg so obviously it is a special place! I'm really glad they decided to do their session around Virginia Tech because it was fun to be back there. I was so impressed by their love for one another, commitment to the Lord, and their sense of adventure. Frank has been asking me for years to get scuba certified so I can go with him - something that I think sounds absolutely TERRIFYING! After hearing that David and Chelsea both got certified and plan to go diving on their honeymoon - I am almost willing to try it! (almost...) I am so excited for their December wedding and to share my favorites from my time with them! DavidChelsea-4DavidChelsea-1

I love this one! Chelsea your laugh is so cute!DavidChelsea-8DavidChelsea-19DavidChelsea-21DavidChelsea-27DavidChelsea-33DavidChelsea-48DavidChelsea-54

Our little friends...DavidChelsea-56DavidChelsea-62

I love these! DavidChelsea-64DavidChelsea-74DavidChelsea-76DavidChelsea-81


Waterfalls are significant to these two - since David proposed to Chelsea at one! How cool that there was a miniature one nearby!DavidChelsea-175DavidChelsea-184DavidChelsea-182DavidChelsea-187 DavidChelsea-208 DavidChelsea-198

DavidChelsea-222 DavidChelsea-221 DavidChelsea-227 DavidChelsea-238 DavidChelsea-241 DavidChelsea-242 DavidChelsea-255