Coming Soon!

My sister came to visit last week and did an AWESOME job taking some pictures of me that are going to be on my new website!! Wait, did I just say NEW WEBSITE!? Actually I totally DID! I am so excited - I have been secretly(except that I tell everyone I see) working on it for a few weeks now and I am getting moderately close to launching it. Not only will it be launching but I'm actually doing a whole RE-Brand! For those of you who have enjoyed suffered  through my self-branding process with me, I really do appreciate it! But finally, (its okay to breath a sigh of relief...) I decided and realized that there was a reason there are people that go into Graphic Design and make whole careers out of it. It is NOT easy, and I am definitely not a designer - I have an overall vision but I couldn't make it happen alone. I am so glad I realized this, because Jessica connected me with a fellow Salem entrepreneur who is an AMAZING graphic and print designer. I can't rave enough about Lauren of This Sweet Season! She has wow'ed me through this whole process and does the most spectacular work!! If you are need a logo or looking for adorable wall prints, thank you cards or wedding invitations, I think you would be making one of the best decision of your lifetime. :) Plus, I made a friend out of this process - double bonus! We share a passion for the Lord, rambunctious puppies, and starting our own businesses among so many other things. I definitely think the best part of stepping into this part of my life is the friends I have made along the way. God continues to bless me with amazing connections over and over, I simply can't thank him enough for his faithfulness.

As a (kind of) teaser for what is to come, I thought I would share a photo from my sister's visit! (So be on the lookout for my new website and Facebook page soon!) Lexi was totally uncooperative and I'm so thankful Stephanie has a quick trigger finger :). So in between Lexi's mad dash attempts to chase a rabbit, squirrels and birds this is what we got! Thank you Steph!!


I have been a pretty absent blogger recently, but I promise there will be all kinds of new things coming up!

Have a beautiful day!