The Nursery

I get to photograph a lot of sweet nurseries so it is really special to be able to share a peek inside the nursery for baby Pesce this time! We decided not to find out the gender so the name of the game was neutral when it came to decor. Most people know that I love to decorate with and gravitate towards neutral colors anyway, so it wasn't a difficult decision to stick to whites, grays and natural wood tones. 

I didn't really have a plan for the space and went through a few varieties of rugs, but I love how sweetly simple the room turned out to be.  Over the last nine months I fell in love with all things lambs and sheep and so unintentionally the theme of this pregnancy became Psalm 23. I didn't want to go overkill with a theme but throughout the nursery you will see these reminders in what I hope is a more subtle way.  As the brightest room in our house, it has become one of my favorite places to sit and dream about what life might look like here soon. We are so excited! 

I decided to put a plant in there, but don't look closely because it is struggling to stay alive! Some of the other pieces were special additions to the room, like the trunk my dad made for me as a kid, the dresser I grew up using, sheep images I took last year and the quilt my mom made for the baby that perfectly tied the entire room together. 

Well my due date has come and gone! I never knew how torturously slow time could move until the last couple weeks - its like waiting for Christmas as a kid but you don't have anything to countdown to...Santa just randomly picks a day to show up! Torture! 


Scripted Pillows: Paris Chic Boutique / Square Shelves: Target / Sheep Prints: Andrea Pesce Photography / Crib: Amazon / Rug: Lowes / Leather Chair: Costco / Grey Journal: Promptly Journal / Wooden Camera: Little Sapling Toys