Answered Prayers + Puppy Snuggles

I apologize in advanced for the low quality photo. I'm just thankful for iPhones, that allow us to quickly capture moments before they pass. This morning, I opened my eyes to this!! image_1

Sweet Lexi had her head ON my pillow and our noses were just a fraction of an inch apart. It was probably the most adorable thing I have ever seen!!! She is truly my snuggle buddy and I don't know what I'd do without her. Frank and I are constantly shocked at how much she is like me. For real - I have a minime in a DOG! She gets her batteries recharged by being near me (or Frank) and sometimes she will just bark and bark and we are just bewildered. We go through the checklist: she pooped already, peed, ate, drank, played and had a treat...what is it?! must be snuggle time! She will plop down on top/next to us and then breathe a heavy sigh, and fall sound asleep. It happens everyday, and yet still cracks us up!

I always wanted a dog growing up. In fact, last summer my mom and I were cleaning out old "memory boxes" we had collected over the years. We found a prayer jar that my friends Sarah and Hannah had made for me. It was decorated with all these little dogs and dog material. It actually had  pieces of paper (prayers) in there so for fun I started pulling them out. It went something like this: "God please give me a puppy!", "God, I want a st. Bernard puppy so bad, please!", "Dear God, please, can I have a puppy!" etc. etc. My mom was like, "SEE! God answered your prayer! He gave you Frank, who gave you a puppy!" haha it was priceless. And true, he did answer my prayer - although it was not in the form of a St. Bernard!

We have so many hilarious Lexi stories! Just one more for now though - I started taking her to the dog park when we moved here a year ago. She was still young and intimidated by all the big dogs (since she thinks shes about 10 lbs still) so we didn't go very often. Recently, however, I have started taking her again. At first, she would just sit by me and watch the other dogs play. It was so sad! She was too afraid to take part - so I would just walk around the park with her and she would follow me. Every now and then she would trot towards the other dogs and as SOON as they realized she was there they would star approaching her. That FREAKED her out and she would come SPRINTING back to me. I could just see it in her face "MOOOOOMMMMM, SAVE ME!" So pathetic. She has been getting better and MONDAY we arrived at the park, and before I could tell her to stay in the car (and put her leash on her) she had scrambled over my lap, jumped out of the car, and ran towards the park gate and was SO excited to go in, she kept looking back at me like, "HURRRRRYY!". I was such a proud puppy mom!

So before tonight's Virginia Tech engagement shoot (so excited!!) I'm going to wear her out at the dog park. :)