An Awesome iPhone Feature!

iphone-bigOkay this was just too cool not to share! But if you know all things technology like the back of your hand (like frank) then you can stop here. :) but for those of us that need friends to show us the cool tricks... Do you ever get really annoyed that its not easy to save webpages on your iPhone or iPad? If you are like me, and you follow multiple blogs and webpages and are finding yourself checking them weekly, daily, or they are good boredom busters while sitting in traffic (of course I dont do that! That would just be terrible...)...than this is the post for you!! I'm doing this on my iPhone...because we are traveling for 5 straight please excuse the typos and formatting wierds.

So say your at a blog (hopefully mine! Hehe <- so creepy when I read these...this one is non creepy) and... Hit the bottom arrow button


This screen comes up, hit the middle icon that says 'save to home screen' 20130411-102036.jpg

20130411-102449.jpg And rename it to what you want! And there you have it!! I hope I just made your life a bit easier!