A new year, a new look and new things ahead!

Hey, I'm glad you found your way here! If you have been here before you will notice...the blog has had a face lift! I have been considering re-branding and really just what I want this whole thing to look like and be. (The first step was having the guts to publish this page!) And so in a moment of inspiration - I just went with it! I have been so motivated to clean, organize and restructure the way I do some things, and I'm so stinkin proud of myself for actually doing it! I don't think I would consider myself naturally an organized person, definitely not the type A...so it usually takes a lot of work and many attempts to get things in working order. Plus, I just love changing things around....Ask my husband- We have already rearranged basically every room in the house 2 times since being here. I get it from my mom. =)cropped-banner-final.jpg

Well okay, so what kinds of new things are coming?

1. I want to expand my range of clients...which includes launching a facebook page soon.

EEK! I mostly don't like facebook, because its scary, and intimidates me...I don't want to beg for people to "like" me! haha Didn't I graduate and get far away from highschool for a reason?? But it's a scary step I'm willing to take....if it means more experience!

2. Continue to fine tune my technique and style.

3. Learn how to market myself (inexpensively) ...anyone have any great pointers?? Experience??

4. Have my hubby fix the backspace bar on this computer...I think I just broke it.

5. Take pictures of YOU!

Really, I just want to capture you, with the ones you love so you can have moments to cherish forever.

Oh a huge thanks to everyone that visits my little blog!! I'm a few shy of 1000 Visitors! As my husband says, "watch out Gangnam Style"....