A Day Off

So, I haven't done a very good job blogging lately. Time slips by fast! On the positive side, I have several great stories 2013-02-18_0052

to share. :) Two weekends in a row we were out of town visiting family, and then last weekend I worked. Which made this the first weekend we haven't had "plans" in a long time. It was amazing. We got to have dinner (two days in a row!) with good friends and then a coffee date with each other. Funny story about that - While Frank was waiting for his coffee I found a table for us. I set my coffee down and that was enough to wobble the unbalanced table which spilled coffee EVERYWHERE. I went to grab napkins...by the time Frank got to the table and set his drink on the surface it was "wonky" (best word ever...thanks ex-roomie Christina!) enough to spill my drink again! We found out why that table wasn't occupied...

Which reminds me of something else that happened last week. I wasn't having a particularly good day, so after work my amazing husband and I met up to grocery shop. While we were there, we decided to split up and be more efficient while in the veggie corner (you know how crowded it can get). I sent him to get peppers (with the cart), and I went for the fresh herbs. I'm doing a great job picking out some herb I have never heard of (but it was on the list!) and out of the corner of my eye my hubby pulls up next to me. So, I casually start putting herbs into the cart. The next thing I hear is "ummmmm okayyyyyy, those don't go - well okay i guess i'll take those..." followed by, "Andrea! What are you doing?" from WAAAY across the veggie Isle. So finally I turn to see that I was NOT standing next to Frank - but a strange man who was SOOO confused!! haha I am still laughing as I type this. The things I get myself into sometimes...In my defense they were both wearing black jackets.

Well that definitely improved my day. I have learned (through many many experiences) to laugh during these moments, because it always makes a great story. And tonight we had another laugh. I had today off, yay holidays! My husband graciously made dinner, and did it unsupervised...so when I went to carve into the cooked chicken, I couldn't find any meat! Turns out he baked it upside down. We are calling it even now. :)

This is the handmade valentine card I made for Frank. I was proud of it, so I took a picture.


And for valentines day we ate off of our Fine China we got from our wedding! Love it!!


Meet...the newest member of our family, an iPad! (Frank's Child)


For those not in the know: Homestead Creamery milk is AMAZING!!! AND you pay 2.99 for half a gallon, but when you return the glass bottles, you get 2.00 back! I'm thinking we should have milk delivered again. These things sit by our front door longer than we would like, because we always forget to take them back. Worth it though! The rest of these photos, since I had the day off, I took Frank to lunch and then walked around Downtown and snapped some pictures (i love rusty crap...as my husband says)! I need more days like this. (Beanie is waiting for me to take her on her walk down and to the right, and staring at our neighbors cat)

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Awesome rusty old train! Okay, off to watch Heroes...Almost done with it! I warn you - it is so addicting!