The Jeffcoat Family | On the Water

They've been sailing as a family for years and spend countless evenings and weekends on the water together. I was so thrilled to be able to join them on one of their outings for a family session and gracious! I can't get enough of these film images! Its so inspiring to watch a husband and wife in their element as a team like this. They were amazing together - always anticipating the other and on the ready for what the other would need next. Truly the picture of teamwork in marriage! The evening couldn't have been more perfect for an October day. Though on the warm side, I was informed that meant less wind and calmer waters than typical for this time of year - which definitely made it great for photos! 

Camera - Pentax 645N, Nikon F100

Film - Fuji400h

Lab - The Find Lab

Welcome Baby Powell | An In-Home Newborn Session | Virginia

I believe this was the hardest blog post to-date for narrowing down images...and I'm so excited to share them! My aim during sessions is always to capture the the significance of the season in a timeless and artistic way and these film images did just that. What an honor to spend time in southwest Virginia with Ashley and Robert when baby Jack was only a few days old! Ashley is an extraordinary family and milestone photographer and seeing her and Robert thrive in parenthood was so special. And Elle Mae, their gorgeous Golden Retriever was SUCH a sweet girl with all the chaos of a new baby. You can tell they are going to be very good friends as Jack grows up. :) 

Fuji400h & Ilford HP5 shot on a Pentax 645N scanned and developed by The Find Lab