Ginger & Blooms Launch & Office Tour

Today is an exciting day, one of my favorite parts of working with my clients - its LAUNCH DAY!! Earlier this spring I had the privilege of participating with a power team  (Jess Creates & Meg Summerfield) of creatives to help the gorgeous ladies of the all new Ginger & Bloom bring their businesses together and photograph this amazing office space! There is nothing more fun than seeing how their online space so perfectly is reflected in their office space and vice versa. It is so gorgeous!!


I can't wait to give you a peak into their office, their new team, and their branded images! These were entirely too much fun to create, working with an event designer and a florist is seriously a dream come true when styling custom flatlay images. ALL THE FLOWERS! We had more blooms than this photographer could have dreamed to work with - talk about my happy place. And also can we talk about how BEAUTIFUL these two ladies are? Their ginger hair...those blue eyes...their floral crowns!! Love it all!

We created several custom layflat images for their new website in addition to their lifestyle portrait session. I love that they decided to do this as it completely rounded out the options for their website and branding materials! Like I mentioned above, we had so many beautiful blooms to work with and that made this so much fun. 

How fun are these?! The above is one of my favorites!

Congratulations Lauren and Alyssa! You guys make an amazing team and I can't wait to see where Ginger & Blooms goes in the years to come! 

Amanda Adams Custom Styled Stock Images

Ya'll! I cannot believe that this set of images never got blogged because it is one of my all time favorite sets of custom styled stock images!! Amanda was a DREAM to work with! She began working last year with Krista Jones at The Palm Shop to rebrand her business and part of the process included hiring me to create a set of custom styled images that reflected the aesthetic of the new brand and higher end market she is now in. Her work is stunning and while we had much inspiration to work with these fine art prints were some of my favorite to draw from. 

We created a couple images that could serve as banner images throughout her site and the use of gold detailing, subtle nautical touches, silk ribbon and natural wood all sweetly capture the essence of her branding.  

With each custom styled branded image the process begins weeks in advanced with an pinterest inspiration board where I can see the new branding elements and logo. From there we talk through what kinds of images are most needed and what kind of "white space" or blank space is ideal for usage. In the above image the goal was to create lots of white space for future projects. 

I love the contrast of rich tones and whites in these frame images! Also a freebie tip for photographers out there - removing any glass panes you can will reduce reflection, glare and washing out in things like frames. :) 

Along with her rebrand she opened up a boutique print shop selling coastal fine art prints and images that inspire her. I love it! 

Part of what we wanted to convey was that working with Amanda Adams Photography is the entire client experience as a whole and level detail that goes into each session/wedding. This image shows a glimpse into the beautiful quality of that experience and doesn't it just make you feel warm and fuzzy inside?


Beautiful branding and high quality images can take a business so far. It is always an honor and privilege to help put the pieces of a brand together to create images like these! 

Emily Artistry | Styled Stock Images & Portraits

This was such a special shoot to do for my friend and incredibly talented makeup artist Emily! Emily runs a successful event hair and makeup business here in the Richmond, Virginia region and she has unparalleled talent. She is my personal stylist and go-to professional for clients to look and feel extra beautiful for their sessions. Isn't she simply stunning!? Her work is frequently gracing the covers of magazines and online publications and I couldn't be more excited to see her business grow in the coming years. 

In addition to creating a few new portraits for her, she wanted some images that showcased her tools of the trade. This was a girls makeup dream! Oh my goodness she has everything you could possibly imagine in every shade known to man.  

The goal of these images was to create clean simple flats that would fill out her About Me page on her website. Showcasing her tools allows her brides and clients to see the quality of care that goes into their getting ready, which I love. 

As well as create some stock imagery for her to use throughout her business and marketing. 

Va va voom! And there were even more color options than this, believe it or not! 

Definitely check out her work and if you ever have a hair and makeup need, I can't recommend anyone more highly!