January One

To truly appreciate how my husband and I often feel sometimes, you must be an avid (or occasional) The Bowmans-15

How I Met Your Mother watcher to have seen this episode... But anyways... One of the wonderful things about being married is that people can come visit us!! We love hosting, because for 3 years we could only do the visiting. It is so much fun for us to learn how to bless in that area (while also trying not to appear TOO excited that people want to visit us)! So, new years was extra special with these EXTRA special guests. My beautiful sister (another up and coming photographer!) and her husband!

The Bowmans-14 The Bowmans-13 The Bowmans-12 The Bowmans-11 The Bowmans-10 The Bowmans-9 The Bowmans-8 The Bowmans-6 The Bowmans-5 The Bowmans-4 The Bowmans-2 The Bowmans-1

The Bowmans-16